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The Otolith Group is an artists’ collective founded in London in 2000 by Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun. It takes its name from otoliths, the calcium crystals suspended in the endolymphatic fluid of the inner ear that help us balance and navigate through space. Through an eclectic range of materials (films, texts, documents, photographs, paintings, sound and music), The Otolith Group explores the nature of perception, and engages in the construction of new temporalities.

Past, present and future are interspersed throughout the group’s work with the same intensity as reality and fiction, thus destabilising the dominant narratives of Western culture and indicating the inconsistencies of the post-colonial world. Theirs is a science fiction of the present, which recovers forgotten moments from history and projects them into the future. Sagar and Eshun’s work is best approached by putting aside the traditional methodological boundaries between creators, critics and curators.

They create, analyse, interpret and reinterpret reality in an obsessive attempt to transcend the opacity of their images. To do so, they turn to the full range of semantic possibilities of montage and invite viewers to become editors of their works.

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