16/01/2013 46' 50''

Research: Teresa Grandas. Interviews: Teresa Grandas and Daniel Giralt-Miracle. Design and editing: Teresa Grandas, Dolores Acebal and Lucrecia Dalt

This three-part miniseries looks back at the 7th Congress of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) and pieces together an ensemble narrative based on the testimonies of some of its protagonists. Forty-one years after the Congress in Eivissa, designers, architects, artists, philosophers and other professionals from the cultural field come together again to reconstruct and analyse the spirit of that adventure. The interviews that are reproduced here were originally recorded on video and are part of the exhaustive research behind the exhibition 'Utopia is Possible. ICSID. Eivissa, 1971'.

In this second episode, we explore the causes that led a group of young professionals to re-imagine a new type of congress, one that would encourage interaction among participants and at the same time draw international attention to the design that was coming out of Catalonia. The location chosen was the island of Eivissa, an oasis of permissiveness and cosmopolitanism in the midst of the censorship and repression imposed by Franco's regime. In order to house the students who would attend, the organisers designed an ephemeral, inflatable 'plastic city' that was constructed communally by the congress delegates. The 'Instant City' became a socialization experience and the true emblem of the congress.


00:16 – 01:57 Presentation of the speakers

01:58 – 04:04 Against the monotony of congresses
O1:58 André Ricard
03:08 Jordi Mañà

04:05 – 06:32 Eivissa: a mythical, magical, Mediterranean, primitive place
04:05 André Ricard
04:50 Daniel Giralt-Miracle
05:29 Jordi Mañà
06:04 Fernando Amat
06:33 – 10:45 Designing a new kind of congress
06:33 Daniel Giralt-Miracle
06:39 André Ricard
07:17 Daniel Giralt-Miracle
08:06 Joan Antoni Blanc
09:30 Jordi Mañà
10:10 Daniel Giralt-Miracle

10:46 – 16:58 Speaking Rooms: interactive talks in the rooms of Hotel Cartago
10:46 André Ricard
12:19 Joan Antoni Blanc
13:00 André Ricard
13:50 Jordi Mañà
14:26 Joan Antoni Blanc
15:22 Jordi Mañà
16:51 Joan Antoni Blanc

16:59 – 19:38 An ephemeral city to house student delegates
16:59 André Ricard
17:58 Carlos Ferrater

19:39 – 23:40 The Instant City Manifesto
19:39 Carlos Ferrater
20:06 Luis Racionero
22:44 Carlos Ferrater

23:41 – 27:38 The initial grammar of the Instant City
23:41 Carlos Ferrater
24:42 José Miguel de Prada Poole
27:12 Carlos Ferrater

27:39 – 30:40 Sponsors and the first trials
27:39 Carlos Ferrater

30:41 – 36:14 The construction process
30:41 Carlos Ferrater
30:50 Santi Ponseti
31:08 José Miguel de Prada Poole
31:25 Joan Antoni Blanc
31:46 José Miguel de Prada Poole
32:05 Fernando Amat
32:12 Santi Ponseti
32:16 Carlos Ferrater
32:30 José Miguel de Prada Poole
32:43 Jordi Mañà
32:45 Joan Antoni Blanc
32:54 Jordi Mañà
32:58 Joan Antoni Blanc
33:07 Jordi Mañà
33:09 Joan Antoni Blanc
33:13 Jordi Mañà
33:15 Joan Antoni Blanc
33:35 Santi Ponseti
33:47 Jordi Mañà
34:02 Santi Ponseti
34:05 Jordi Mañà
34:13 Santi Ponseti
34:22 Fernando Amat
35:26 Joan Antoni Blanc

36:15 – 43:17 Three October days in the instant city
36:15 José Miguel de Prada Poole
37:30 Carlos Ferrater
37:52 Joan Antoni Blanc
39:44 Jordi Pericot
40:26 Santi Ponseti
41:39 Carlos Ferrater

43:18 – 46:00 Beyond the Instant City
42:18 Santi Ponseti
44:01 Daniel Giralt-Miracle
44:34 José Miguel de Prada Poole
45:01 Daniel Giralt-Miracle

46:01 Coming soon

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