07/01/2013 23' 3''

Research and interviews: Teresa Grandas. Design and editing: Teresa Grandas, Dolores Acebal and Lucrecia Dalt

This three-part miniseries looks back at the 7th Congress of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) and pieces together an ensemble narrative based on the testimonies of some of its protagonists. Forty-one years after the Congress in Eivissa, designers, architects, artists, philosophers and other professionals from the cultural field come together again to reconstruct and analyse the spirit of that adventure. The interviews that are reproduced here were originally recorded on video and are part of the exhaustive research behind the exhibition 'Utopia is Possible. ICSID. Eivissa, 1971'.

Episode one of this miniseries looks at the socio-political context in which the 1971 ICSID Eivissa experience was conceived during the final years of Franco's dictatorship, a period in which culture took on a key role in the fight for freedoms. More specifically, design professionals and the design schools that were starting to pop up in Barcelona acted as a driving force and a hub for this desire for change. At the same time, subversive echoes of the hippy movement were starting to arrive in the country from the other side of the Atlantic.

00:16 – 01:27 Presentation of the speakers

01:28 – 05:41 Late Francoism and the fight for freedoms
01:32 Daniel Giralt-Miracle
02:12 Luis Racionero

05:42 – 09:20 Design: a driving force for cultural renewal
05:42 Daniel Giralt-Miracle
07:14 Joan Antoni Blanc
08:15 Enric Franch Miret

09:21 – 11:43 Design and architecture. Industry and handicrafts
09:21 Enric Franch Miret
10:10 Joan Antoni Blanc

11:44 – 19:19 Design schools: Elisava and Eina
11:44 Daniel Giralt-Miracle
13:27 Bigas Luna
13:54 Lluís Pau
14:20 Joan Antoni Blanc
15:40 Lluís Pau
16:47 Jordi Pericot

19:20 – 20:00 Barcelona's interior decoration and design
Enric Franch Miret

20:01 – 22:01 Design: between high culture, utopia and consumer culture
20:01 Enric Franch Miret
21:01 Jordi Pericot

22:02 Coming soon

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