• 00:01 A small gesture and an opportunity to break the fourth wall
  • 06:17 Opening salvo: the opposite of a live broadcast, getting lost and finding ourselves
  • 08:40 Bodies in resounding silence, mime and listening
  • 11:39 Learning together. Conversation as a common space of suspended time
  • 18:40 The RWM working group. Purposeless sharing and knowledge transfer
  • 28:40 Flow
  • 36:00 Beginnings, complexes and the political aspect of fragility
  • 44:40 Editing, posthuman discourse and the aesthetics of sound
  • 57:02 RWM specials: the museum's programming as a point of departure
  • 68:50 An ensemble project, an accumulation of many generosities
  • 77:02 Re-Imagine Europe: inter-institutional collaboration, pure amphetamine
  • 83:45 RWM in times of pandemic: interruption of co-presence, expansion and impression of intimate space
10/05/2021 92' 41''
Ràdio Web MACBA, mosaico de citas sobre manos

As part of the exhibition "Sampler #4. Things that Happen", Enric Farrés Durán turns the tables on us with a proposal to get Ràdio Web MACBA to talk about his practice. Enric went back to the mail he had received in 2015 inviting him to be interviewed by RWM, tweaked it for the occasion, and forwarded it to the relevant person at RWM. Through this simple gesture, Enric hopes to reveal the mechanisms underlying this pseudo-radiophonic project and generate and opportunity to break the fourth wall. This conversation—not interview—is a waste of time in the best sense of the term. It is “the trace of an action”. Or of many actions.

In this podcast, we talk about learning together by doing, about Enric’s multidirectional transfers of knowledge, and about a practice shot through with discourse. We also touch on the aesthetics of sound, the post-human voice, and the limits of editing; we talk about complexes, accents, and the political act of making vulnerability visible; about the loss of control and about the intimate realm impressed onto the dimension of sound. A space for listening in suspended time that gives voice to the people behind this project.

An intervention by Enric Farrés Durn for the exhibition “Sampler #4. Things that happen”. Conversation: Enric Farrés Duran, Maite Muñoz, Anna Ramos and Albert Tarrats. Production: André Chêdas, Maite Muñoz and Anna Ramos. Voices: Loli Acebal, André Chêdas, Claudia Faus, Lucrecia Dalt, Lucía Egaña, Hugo Esquinca, Hiuwai Chu, Elaine Gan, Carlos Gómez, Pablo Martínez, Antonio Gagliano, Raül Hinojosa, val flores, Verónica Lahitte, Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, Set Jiménez de Cisneros, Sònia López, Violeta Ospina, Anna Ramos, Matías Rossi, Anna Irina Russell, María Salgado, Stephen Sharp and Albert Tarrats. Sounds: RWM Sound library "Colapso".
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