24/12/2014 32' 49''

In spite of having more or less remained in the shadows of twentieth-century European art history, Oskar Hansen is one of those figures who stand out as being ahead of their time. His career as an architect, a catalyst for ideas, a designer, artist and teacher can be seen as a collection of small gestures in favour of new conceptions of art and of everyday life, which seek to recalibrate the scale and the rules of the game, both in regard to the work and to the person who experiences it.

In this interview, David Crowley, expert in the history of art and design in Eastern Europe during the communist era, explains the key points of Hansen's ideas and traces its connections to mid-twentieth century Polish electroacoustic music: from his involvement in redesigning the experimental radio studio in Warsaw, to his ideas for pavilions and sculptural/architectural designs in which sound is an integral part of the overall project and experience.

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