13/05/2009 58' 18''

Curated by Raül G. Pratginestós

In the late 1960s, the movement known as Tropicália revolutionised Brazil's cultural scene. In spite of being open to all kinds of artistic expressions (theatre, film, plastic arts), Tropicália had its greatest impact in the field of music, due to the personality of its leading players (some of the most promising, edgy artists of the time) and also to the high quality of its artistic output.

Often reduced to a kind of "psychedelia Made in Brazil", Tropicália was actually a reinvention of Brazilian popular music, which was able to encompass elements from the local scene and beyond, modern styles and traditional music, with all the contradictions that this implies.

From a record collector's perspective, "Objeto Semi-Identificado No Pais Do Futuro. Tropicália and post-tropicalismo in Brasil (1967-1976)" is an overview of the musical side of Tropicalismo that offers an introduction to the movement and helps to explain some of its key aspects.

With a special emphasis on the more experimental, avant-garde works of the genre, the selection also shows the ongoing presence and influence of Tropicalismo in the history of Brazilian music that came directly after it.

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