• 00:01 Introduction
  • 06:38 Hito Steyerl
  • 11:20 Money
  • 13:10 Condensations
  • 14:55 Machine vision
  • 17:55 Images, documentaries, translations
  • 22:20 Helen Hester
  • 25:03 Object/subject dualism in recent feminisms
  • 29:05 Xenofeminism and Nature
  • 34:40 Xenofeminism and the post-human
  • 41:24 Roula Partheniou
  • 43:00 “Chalk to Cheese”
  • 44:57 Readymades
  • 46:05 Replica, perception
  • 49:45 Real-time calibration
  • 55:49 Coda
10/10/2017 57' 59''
Roula Partheniou, “Chalk to Cheese”, 2016

Curated by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros.

This is a podcast about objects, but especially about some theories that have recently brought new perspectives on objects from contemporary art and theory. In this episode, we talk to Hito Steyerl, Helen Hester and Roula Partheniou about a number of ramifications of the idea of object in their respective practices. The 1997 track by Operator & Baffled that opens the programme, 'Things Are Never', repeats over and over again that things are never quite the way they seem.

OBJECTHOOD #5 underlines the view of objects as points of convergence of a multitude of social, political, economic relations, trapped in matter and more or less made invisible by their everydayness.

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