28/10/2009 64' 52''

Curated by José Manuel Berenguer and Carlos Gómez

Here I am with nothing to say. If one of you wants to go somewhere, go ahead and leave at any time. What we need is silence, but what silence needs is that I go on talking.

What is more suitable for radio, a mosquito which sucks the blood from a hippopotamus, or a mosquito which sucks the blood from a radio announcer? But what does it mean to be suitable for radio? When silence is suitable for radio, does it lose its essence only when it is given a name? And what happens to it if a crazy announcer decides to broadcast it?

From radio to music and from silence to the spoken word, there is no solution of continuity: chance is the only tool that can support a criterion to justify any partition between space and time. There are 10¹²³ universes, and any choice holds one of them inside.

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