• 00:01 La pintura no acaba mai de marxar
  • 01:48 Em considero artista i pintor
  • 05:03 De Fonteta a Anglaterra
  • 15:40 Dels "Overall Painings" a "STANZA"
  • 26:36 Trobar el moble que ningú veia
  • 29:29 Crear espais socials: Passatge Estudi i Bombon Projects
  • 33:41 Els garrofistes
  • 37:29 Fa ràbia que m'agradi tant
  • 39:46 Qui firma l'obra?
  • 44:06 Ironia i humor per posar els peus a terra
  • 45:29 Sala d’espera
14/07/2023 52' 38''
Bernat Daviu. Foto: Teresa Tejada

Bernat Daviu (b. Fonteta, Baix Empordà, 1985) is an artist who considers himself a painter first and foremost. A painter aware that the death of painting has long been anticipated but has not yet arrived. As such, he expands it and allows it to mutate into objects, costume design, dance, performance, video, music, and art installations. He activates painting, sets it in motion, and turns it into a mirror of our surroundings. Daviu is interested in the borderlands between art and non-art. He is interested in pushing the boundaries of the spaces of art and their codes of behaviour and reception. His work uses humour and the absurd as strategies for subversion and to connect with reality, as part of a collaborative practice in which choreographers, dancers, filmmakers, writers, and different kinds of artists give rise to polyphonic pieces and spaces of encounter.

In FONS ÀUDIO #57, Bernat Daviu talks about his 2020 work Stanza—which grew out of his Overall Paintings (2010)—, in which painted canvases break free from the frame and start to dance and interact with other artistic disciplines. He also chats about his childhood in the small town of Fonteta, his formative hears in London, his arrival in Barcelona and his work at the head of Bombon Projects gallery. As he does so, he reflects on collective creation processes, authorship, the working conditions of artists, and the unproductive time that art grants us.

Conversation: Loli Acebal and Anna Ramos. Script: Loli Acebal. Sound production: Albert Tarrats. Voice over: Anna Irina Russell.
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