• 00:01 The perspective of Pegasus
  • 02:15 "Helicon" and other emotional ties
  • 06:43 The landscape is not a backdrop
  • 08:50 An invocation of the end of the world
  • 11:44 Drones, cameras, and family: a more complex production
  • 14:15 The end of the world starts here
  • 15:13 Geological, human, personal time
  • 18:18 Turning up
  • 19:56 Fracking or the Trumpets of the Apocalypse
  • 21:24 An expectant spectator
  • 24:43 Non-doing and time for reflection
  • 27:29 A twist
  • 35:10 Making cracks in the structure of the precarious
21/03/2023 38' 6''
Captura de la pel·lícula de l'artista Fito Conesa "Helicón"

Fito Conesa inhabits many languages and disciplines, stretching the chewing gum of his practice to stick on different forms of knowledge, ways of doing, and conversations that are often found outside the white cube. Drawing on poetic strategies and gestures that move between the visual and sound realms, he explores other imaginaries of time and stimuli for change. And among the layers and layers of meanings, musicality, and synergies, the work of mediation, of listening, and of doing together that informs his work becomes almost transparent.

In FONS ÀUDIO #56, Fito Conesa takes us behind the scenes of the visually and sonically imposing video Helicon (2019), in which a seven-member brass band invokes the end of the world in an almost apocalyptic landscape, in which geological time, human time, and personal time collapse into one.

Conversation: Ricardo Cárdenas, Loli Acebal and Anna Ramos. Script: Ricardo Cárdenas. Sound production: André Chêdas.
SpecialsFONS ÀUDIOvideoMACBA Collection Fito ConesaCreative Commons#poeticintention

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