• 00:34 Starting a process
  • 02:42 'Cut'
  • 03:40 'Construction'
  • 04:05 'Shadow'
  • 05:02 'Untitled'
  • 05:23 Integrating accidents
  • 06:07 Laboratories and models
  • 15:07 Drawings without gravity
  • 17:39 Fragile cities
  • 19:45 The place were dead people are kept
16/04/2015 24' 16''

Carlos Bunga (Portugal, 1976) tends to approach his enormous site-specific installations without a detailed plan, so that the exhibition set-up becomes a kind of laboratory. During this interval of time, which usually spans days, the properties of the exhibition space condition a process of thinking, corporality, and negotiation in real time, in which accidents are absorbed as a valuable raw material. The present moment is understood as an open experiment.

Bunga’s monumental structures constructed out of cardboard, tape and paint, and organised around different concepts each time, evoke the endless cycle of deterioration and regeneration of the urban fabric. Cut, Construction, Shadow and Untitled, the four video works that form part of the MACBA Collection, in some sense represent the initial stage of this working process. These small-scale works, produced in domestic environments, stem from the artist’s fascination with capturing and understanding the energy contained in decaying infrastructure, particularly in cities like Porto and Lisbon.

At the same time, they suggest a possible vocabulary of gestures that then recurred in much of his later work: the opening up of architecture and its transformation into pure process, the use of models and mockups as a means of storing the life of ideas, and the creation of a graphic language infiltrated in public space.

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