07/08/2013 20' 13''

A reintrepretation of Samuel Beckett's play 'Cascando', by Joan Morey

'Cascando' is a radio piece for music and voice, in which three characters bring listeners up against the basic mechanisms of radio. One is the Opener (L'Oeuverer), who directs the action from a mixing desk in a neutrals studio space; another is the Voice (La Voix), which comes to us from an unknown space and could perhaps be the subconscious mind or the thoughts of the Opener. The third character is the Music. Word, music and silence are thus employed as the basic units of expression of the language of radio (and, by extension, the language of art), which are juxtaposed or overlap in this piece but do not interact.

When Joan Morey uses 'Cascando' to produce a new variation he not only assumes the structural complexity of the original work but also gives it a twist: Cascando. Variations for another dramatic piece welcomes the exhaustive instructionsmarked on Beckett’s text and requires that the same actor performs the two speaking parts. The character played by music, on the other hand, is inserted as a cliché, further hindering the role of the artist as creator, since here he executes a type of mannered patchwork.

The radio play 'Cascando. Variations for another dramatic piece' was presented inside MACBA as a live performance on 23 February 2013, within the programme Experience MACBA. The sound filled the atrium and was accompanied by a text projection with Catalan subtitles.

Two actors performed the sound piece in a theatrical form and choreographed for all three floors: the sound booth used by the interpreter of L'Oeuverer and La Voix was sited on the top floor (offering a peripheral vision of the performer) and the audience was conducted by an actress/hostess situated at the central point of the ramp in order to get a general overview and the ideal position for listening to the work.

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