26/11/2009 10' 33''

In spite of being one of the most influential artists of his generation, the work of Ray Johnson (Detroit, 1927 – New York, 1995) remains unknown to the wider public. After attending Black Mountain College with John Cage and Merce Cunningham, Johnson developed new routes for art to circulate through his postal correspondence. His work with collage, in which he introduced elements from popular culture, also situates him as a precursor to Pop Art.

Son[i]a speaks to Bartomeu Marí, the director of the MACBA, Chus Martínez and Alex Sainsbury, the exhibition's curators.

"Ray Johnson. Please Add to & Return" (06/11/2009 - 10/01/2010) is an exhibition that allows viewers to discover his collages, correspondences and the relationship between his work and John Cage's.


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