09/07/2009 4' 27''

As from July 2009, the MACBA Chapel is hosting two new acquisitions of the MACBA Collection, both of which reflect on urban and architectural space. The two works are «Prototype for a slippery floor» by Brazilian artist Renata Lucas and «La Ricarda», a collective work by a group of thirteen artists under the initiative of Belgian artist Michel François.

«La Ricarda», is the name that Barcelona residents use to refer to Casa Gomis, a cottage built in El Prat del Llobregat between 1949 and 1963, which was a focus of intense intellectual activity during the sixties and seventies, and then forcibly silenced as a result of the construction of Barcelona airport and aeroplane noise. In 2006 it was the meeting place for the artists who created the film that is presented at the Chapel, in the form of an inventory based on the idea of montage that allows visitors to reconstruct the physical space of the house.

Son[i]a talks to Michel François, artist and director of the project.