05/02/2009 6' 16''
son[i]a 01

The current MACBA exhibition looking at the work of Joan Rabascall (Barcelona, 1935) focuses on the artist's output during the specific period from 1964 to 1982. It is a highly critical oeuvre with very close links to the social issues of the time, and a special interest in probing the media, consumer society and tourism.

Joan Rabascall began developing his work in Paris in 1962, where he came into contact with the thinkers and artists who were in the city at the time and connected his work with Berlin Dadaism, collage and the more thoughtful and critical position taken by European pop art.

Rabascall, Production 1964-1982 (January 23 - April 19) is structured around several series by the artist that were hitherto unfamiliar to the MACBA. Bartomeu Marí, the director of the MACBA, talks to Son[i]a about the exhibition.


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