23/10/2008 12' 16''
Xavier Ribas. Bellvitge, July and December 2007

The aim of the exhibition produced by the MACBA, Universal Archive. The Condition of the Document and the Modern Photographic Utopia (23/10/2008 – 06/01/2009), revolves around the debate on the status of the document, starting with the birth of photography and extending to the current situation.

This multidisciplinary project also takes the city of Barcelona as a specific case study, offering a new imaginary for a city that has undergone major changes in recent years. Here, theory meets the practical creation of a "survey" of contemporary Barcelona and its recent economic, social and political transformations.

The exhibition is accompanied by various publications and related activities, as well as an archive specifically created for the project and open to the public at the MACBA Study Center.


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