19/06/2007 12' 19''

Da capo (06/06/2008-28/09/2008) is the second retrospective to be organised in Spain on the work of Francesc Torres (Barcelona, 1948), an artist who has spent most of his career in France, the US and Germany and is thus relatively unknown in his home country.
Working from the perspective of an artist and a citizen who critically reflects on the relationships between culture and politics, memory and history, the individual and the group, Torres’ work reveals the continuity of avant-garde tendencies in the eighties and nineties.

As well as showing the work that Torres has become known for, such as instalador, the exhibition currently at the MACBA also features his less familiar use of other languages, in particular drawing and painting, which arise from his interest in images and a desire to conciliate form and content. The retrospective format allows visitors to see the evolution of this aspect of his work that he began in the sixties and continues to this day.


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