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son[i]a 7

Among the different lines that compose the MACBA’s theoretical discourse, genre technologies hold a prominent place. They are proposed as a plausible method for conducting a critical review of classic art historiography on contemporary artistic practices.

Now, the museum enjoys the participation of Beatriz Preciado, who coordinates Art after feminism. Towards a post-feminist historiography of contemporary art (07/04/2008 - 15/04/2008), a monographic course exploring post-feminist historiography behind the sceptical vision of other approaches to feminist theories on art that perpetuate identity-based constructions based on disguised networks of power.

This time, “queer theory” serves as a platform upon which to establish an attempt to transform art into a political and cultural practice to produce subjectivity within the public sphere, in counterpoint to the often-claimed – yet inoperable – autonomy of art. Son[i]a speaks with Beatriz Preciado, a coordinator working within the MACBA’s Independent Studies Programme (PEI).

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