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The seminar entitled The Condition of the Document and the Modern Photographic Utopia (March, 7 and 8 2008) approaches the pluralistic debate surrounding the polemical notion of the document, analysing the evolution of this hybridised genre in relation to the specific conditions of concrete cases throughout the 20th century and demonstrating the inoperability of general theories when attempting to treat the documentary genre.

Issues such as the introduction of the image into public space, the epistemological statute of the image, the ethical and political problems attached to the document and its relationship to the archive and the library all articulate a seminar that ties in to the exhibition The Universal Archive (MACBA, Autumn 2008), in addition to continuing a debate already initiated in the seminar The Metropolis in the Photographic Era (February 2007).

Son[i]a speaks with Jordana Mendelson, participant in the seminar and professor of the Independent Study Programme (PEI) in the course entitled Modern (Photographic) Documents.

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