21/02/2008 11' 34''
son[i]a 55

Alice Creischer (Berlin, 1960) is an heir to the German Dadaist tradition, which is centered around the open use of politics in Art, denouncing a convulsive reality notable for its changes since the colonial past up to the globalized present, where cultural forms exist within the capitalist model. The artist explores, by using narrative and photography in the same way, the relationships that exist between politics, economics and culture through fables, satire, irony, and scientific research. All of this is in hopes of proving the worldwide homogeneity of consuming. Apparatus for Osmotic Compensation of the Pressure of Wealth During the Contemplation of Poverty is the title of the work that lent itself to this exhibit’s name. It is an installation of enormous magnitude, accompanied by other recent works of Art from other collaborating artists.