21/12/2007 10' 29''
son[i]a 53

The "Expressart: Portable Museum" project for infant and primary school pupils consists of a series of teaching ideas to be used in the classroom, assisted by different materials (three-dimensional objects, images and texts). The main aims of the project are to encourage children to enjoy artworks and to establish a dialogue with them based on their own experiences, stimulating appreciation of and interest in art as a means of expression, as a game, as representation and as experimentation.

The family visit/workshops are another activity based on the same philosophy as the "Expressart" project, and whose starting point is a tour of the museum exhibition rooms. Groups pause before certain selected works where, using teaching materials especially designed for children, they observe the piece and carry out activities revolving around the ideas of identification, recognition, expression, experimentation and creativity, helping them to understand different concepts related to the idea of contemporary art.

This SON[I]A talks with Marta Berrocal about how contemporary art can generate learning and about the workshop-visits for families and children.

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