10/05/2006 6' 0''
son[i]a #5

After more than thirty years of dedication, Vito Acconci and his studio have found ways to make the more than thirteen hours of audio that their installations have generated available to the public. Some way had to be found to structure the material, including such graphic documentation and texts as remained of the original pieces. The "Audiodatabank" is the result of that quest to find a possible interface between the public and non-objectual, temporary work. It is a database that combines audio, text and images in which Acconci does not propose any specific order or particular linear reading of his work.
With the kind cooperation of Vito Acconci, we present one of the sound pieces included in the "Audiodatabank": "Portrait of Us on the Run" from 1978, a scaled audio installation. The programme includes Manuel J. Borja Villel's vision of collecting.

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