25/10/2007 8' 50''
son[i]a 27

As part of the 11th LEM International Festival, the Barcelona group ALKU presents the project "Less-Lethal, vol. 1", a highly personal exploration of the use of sound and music as a non-lethal weapon. This anthology, designed to be 100% educational, features works by such sound artists as Francisco López, Weasel Walter, Dave Phillips, Justice Yeldham, Zbigniew Karkowski and Powerbooks for Peace, amongst others.

Using a conference format, the project retrospectively reconstructs the way sound has been used as a non-lethal weapon, whilst also reflecting on psychological conditioning factors, the effects of Muzak and the bastardisation of pop music as an integral part of armed conflicts today.

This SON[I]A talks with editors Anna Ramos and Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, the driving force behind this project.

Son[i]amusicRoc Jiménez de CisnerosAnna Ramos Francisco LópezALKU

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