25/04/2007 11' 21''
son[i]a 40

"Thinking about global conceptualism" is a seminar that analyses the relations between art and politics: an unending source for the study of artistic behaviour from the 1960s to the present. The contribution of Latin American countries and some eastern European countries are noteworthy in this field, as they have contributed specific and differentiated forms due to their social and political character, which is poorly known and has not been sufficiently studied. These are options that understood and understand art not just as a productive and purely artistic force, but also as a social force that asks to be considered and to rewrite conceptual art.

SON[I]A speaks with Ana Longoni, moderator of the seminar, about this Latin America conceptualism, displaced from the Anglo-American canonical discourse on conceptualism of the 1960s, by introducing us to references of works done in Argentina, Peru, Chile and Columbia.

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