• 00:23 Las condiciones semiótico-materiales de posibilidad
  • 05:46 Maternar y cocriar en un espacio no solo nuclear
  • 13:53 Complejidades del nombrar
  • 19:02 Edadismo y adultocentrismo
  • 22:55 El teatro de la genética y el tabú de la no transferencia genética
  • 35:00 Juegos con el vocabulario: ensanchamiento de los posibles a través del lenguaje
  • 42:27 Disidencia lingüística y puesta en circulación
  • 46:32 Autodefensa bibliográfica
  • 47:26 Abrazar la complejidad
  • 52:05 Cortes parciales y uso táctico de las identidades
  • 58:58 Respons(h)abilidad
  • 64:40 Pedagogías críticas, Martino Morandi y la escuela de verano Relearn
  • 76:41 Detectar zonas de potencia
  • 79:44 Los problemas del solucionismo
  • 83:23 Tecnocolonialismo, turbocapitalismo y cadenas globales de cuidados
  • 91:11 Amazon Turkers: precarización, invisibilización y deslocalización del trabajo.
  • 95:06 Visión computacional. Nicolas Malevé y las promesas de los algoritmos
  • 101:38 El rigor en la investigación en formatos no académicos
  • 106:41 Sobre el tiempo: The Underground Division y "Figurations of Timely Extraction".
31/03/2022 113' 30''
Jara Rocha. Foto: Ona Bros

Researcher and activist Jara Rocha’s practice is concerned with mediating and mobilising the conditions of meaning production and materials for possibility. Fond of complexity and grounded in a trans*feminist sensibility, they explore the inequalities and stark contrasts in the distribution of the technological. They draw attention to the politics and aesthetics embedded in infrastructures and to how power organises itself, becoming simultaneously visible and inaccessible. Through a myriad of alliances and constellations based on the collective, they observe, highlight, and desecrate received methods and rigidities in knowledge production and the reproduction of life. Rigour and self-defence are both present in their theoretical work, which formally mutates from bug reports to open manuals and academic writing. This allows them to seek new ways of broadening the possible in order to detect zones of power, in which dissidence is not reduced to antagonism but also embraces affirmative, strategic gestures.

This podcast kicks off with one of the most intimate chapters of Jara Rocha’s life story: the experience of co-parenting in a non-nuclear-family space. This very recent experience has revealed thousands of facets and complexities with which to continue to draw attention to and dismantle the architecture of a social construct we take for granted: from the ramifications of the desire to gestate, to the pitfalls of the political fiction of the family as institution, and the need to activate a new vocabulary that breaks away from reductionist heteropatriarchal semantics. A pure exercise in political imagination and situated dissidence that takes us from reproductive technologies to critical pedagogies in formal, non-formal, and informal structures, by way of technocolonialism and turbocapitalism. Without ever taking our eye off the global perspective and our immediate environment: from global care chains to the precarisation, invisibilisation, and offshoring of labour.

Conversation: Anna Irina Russel, Albert Tarrats, Ricardo Cárdenas and Anna Ramos. Script: Anna Irina Russell. Production: Albert Tarrats. Voice: Anna Ramos. Sounds: Albert Tarrats library of sounds (recorded at INA GRM).
Son[i]aJara Rochaqueersexual dissidenceparentingalgorithmwritingCreative Commonsradical pedagogyDIWOcollective creation+ listened 1st semester 2022

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