• 05:47 I am my own guinea pig
  • 08:01 What entering a museum meant for me
  • 10:10 eMule, academia and Berlin
  • 13:21 Call Pierre Boulez
  • 15:14 Awareness and inequality
  • 18:06 “Citizen band”, Bukowsky and shortwave radio
  • 22:39 "Open Sources" at Kashmere Radio
  • 27:06 Sound synthesis in the non-west
  • 31:14 Cameroon, the Baka people and the influence of Halim el Dahb
  • 37:13 Undocumented electronic music
  • 41:14 “Music Enriched by Traditions from the Depth of Time”
  • 47:06 Morse code and whistles: working with Natascha Süder Happelmann
  • 54:09 ACAB whistle
  • 56:59 Max/MSP
  • 59:17 No neutral frameworks
  • 63:05 A common rhythm
  • 66:43 Ligeti and Destiny’s Child
  • 69:19 A static situation that is slowly shifting
  • 72:28 Visual culture, tech fetishism and a no-gear policy
  • 73:45 Four is enough: quad and accessibility
  • 77:06 Music as social practice
  • 80:39 "Comedown"
16/02/2022 85' 2''
Jessica Ekomane

Jessica Ekomane is a sound artist and composer, and a lecturer in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the Universität der Künste Berlin. Ekomane’s quadraphonic performances and installations approach algorithmic/computer music as a social practice that is grounded in questions such as the relationship between individual perception and collective dynamics, and explores listening expectations and their societal roots.

Her pieces unfold as static situations in which change happens not in sequences, but in the slowly shifting relationship between the elements and events in each composition. This allows her to play with space and with the perception of rhythmic structures, noise, and melody in a kind of psychoacoustic experiment that carries with it the possibility of catharsis and emancipation.

In this podcast, Jessica Ekomane talks about the freedom of play, eMule, pipe organs, the limitations and flexibility of Max/MSP, early non-Western sound synthesis, DIY research, quotas, minimalism, and her early love for Ligeti and Destiny's Child.

Musical references
– "Solid of Revolution" (live rearrangement), 2019
– "Never Odd or Even", 2019
– "Citizen Band", 2019
– "Music Enriched by Traditions from the Depth of Time", 2021
– "Message to the youth", 2019 
– "Vesper" (demo), 2022
- "Obsolescence" (with Rully Shabara), 2021
– "Solid of Revolution", 2019
– "Comedown", 2020

Conversation: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, André Chêdas and Anna Ramos. Script and production: André Chêdas. Voiceover: Hiuwai Chu. Music: Jessica Ekomane.
Music: Jessica Ekomane. 2022. All rights reserved. © by the respective authors and publishers.
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