• 00:01 Toolkit for writing
  • 02:35 Intro
  • 04:30 Violence in language
  • 05:18 Gerunds in legal language
  • 07:22 More notes on "Gerundi cicular"
  • 16:29 The territory keeps turning up
  • 22:10 "dis- dis- duress. tris-tras, giro, fallo": gestures and objects
  • 25:56 Circulation strategies
  • 27:32 Translation exercises
  • 32:35 Sound and repetition
  • 38:47 Layers and objects
  • 43:00 Heat, fans, "Rates i cuques"
  • 48:50 When the songs appear
  • 51:45 Music and rhythm
02/02/2022 57' 55''
Clàudia Pagès

The work of artist Clàudia Pagés (b. Barcelona, 1990) unfolds and contracts in many forms. Words, the body, and movement circulate in multiple directions through her processes, forging a tangled linguistic web of micro-narratives that involve critically listening to the immediate environment, and recording it through persistent writing. Depending on the circumstances and moment of her life, her work can materialise as text, performance, and/or objects, in a vital impulse to contain and capture the scattered map of habits, paths, relationships, and conversations that make up our daily lives. Her keen and penetrating eye particularly zeroes in on the distribution, circulation, and consumption systems in capitalist economies, with all their sharp edges and flaws.

In this podcast, we open Clàudia Pagés’s box of tricks and tools. Repetition, 'zoom-ins', physical and metaphorical shifts, and translation emerge as some of her main strategies, while singing, composing, and dancing come together as desire and a pure space of experimentation and possibility. Writing, materiality, orality, rhythm, movement... it all involves the body, and it must all fit into a suitcase too.

Musical references 
"Vas marxar"
11:58 "Gerundi circular" (fragment)
14:43 "Gerundi circular" (fragment)
17:25 "Arrela't, nena, arrela't" live (fragment)
25:57 "Arrela't, nena, arrela't" live (repeated fragment)
32:35 "Ja és setembre (Spanish)" from "Rates i cuques" (fragment)
40:31 "Calor d'estiu (Spanish)" from "Rates i cuques" (fragment)
48:50 "Baixants" (fragment)
51:45 "Baixants" (fragment)
57:07 "Baixants" (fragment)

Conversation: Ricardo Cárdenas, Albert Tarrats and Anna Ramos. Script: Ricardo Cárdenas. Production: Albert Tarrats and Anna Ramos. Music: Clàudia Pagès.
Music: Clàudia Pagès. 2022. All rights reserved. © by the respective authors and publishers.
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