• 00:01 Environmental violence in Guatemala: the entanglement between environmental destruction and warfare
  • 02:12 Intro
  • 04:02 Ecocide: forest fires in Indonesia forest fires, palm oil, orangutan rights and jurisprudence
  • 09:39 What if we have a right, that we as humans share with orangutans?
  • 10:42 Working with NGOs and the challenges of presenting a case of ecocide internationally
  • 14:32 The Center For Contemporary Nature
  • 16:20 Climate politics
  • 17:57 Engaging with the public and the claim to truth
  • 18:50 Projects on environmental violence developed with PhD students
  • 19:54 Israeli crop dusters and environmental violence: a herbicidal warfare in Gaza
  • 29:18 Negative commons: tear gas and cloud studies
  • 39:49 Machine learning classifiers: software development, Model Zoo and Hong Kong
  • 43:04 Accountability and activism
  • 52:31 Samaneh Moafi's PhD: architecture and housing as a way of organizing people and tracking change
03/08/2021 60' 47''
Herbacidal Warfare and the Gaza Frontier, Shourideh C. Molavi, 2018. Sabanekh leaf 3 days after spraying, East Gaza, Dec 6th 2018.

Samaneh Moafi is an architect and the senior researcher at Forensic Architecture, Goldsmiths, University of London. She oversees the Centre For Contemporary Nature, a division within Forensic Architecture which explores the relationship between human rights violations, environmental violence, and anthropogenic climate change. The Centre’s activist research into environmental damage challenges the historical perception of nature as a static, eternal backdrop against which human activity unfolds and calls for a new understanding of nature — contemporary nature —  which is now entangled with human agency in a feedback loop with consequences far beyond our control.

In this podcast, Samaneh Moafi turns our gaze to notions of ecocide, negative commons and environmental violence in pursuit of accountability and change. In doing so, she takes us through the Negev desert, extraterritorial toxic clouds, orangutan nests in Indonesia, forest fires and weaponised wind gusts in the Gaza strip.

Conversation: Anna Ramos. Sound production: André Chêdas. Music: Aalbers library of sounds. This podcast is part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.
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