12/06/2018 45' 53''

AMOQA (Athens Museum of Queer Arts) is a hybrid, self-organized platform for the research and promotion of arts and studies on sexuality and gender, operating in Greece since 2016.

With a queer and transfeminist agenda, AMOQA springs from the fragility woven by networks of affects and intimacy. Simply by calling itself a museum, AMOQA activates an in-between, mutant, precarious, vulnerable space at the margins of the art institution, allowing it to occupy spaces that are unfamiliar or unrelated to activism. A museum that is not a museum and a queer archive without the means to actually archive, operating in the context of the Greek financial crisis.

In this podcast, the visual artist, performer, and co-founder of AMOQA Maria F. Dolores talks about witches and covens, about bodily and theoretical knowledge, precarity, archiving without adequate resources, and working as a collective, about inclusion and antagonism, survival tools, cracks in the system, and mixed feelings, about dissident paths and deviations, and about the need to seek affinities in the South. The text that Maria proposed for the group dynamic during the "Pigs Self-Management" workshop at MACBA interrupts and complements our conversation.

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