• 01:52 Surveillance, self-control and self-policing
  • 04:19 Decapitalism: unlearning the lessons of Capitalism
  • 10:11 "One Dimensional Woman", 2009
  • 17:52 Images and self-identity
  • 22:15 The language of the new brutality
  • 26:17 Ethics and politics of technology
  • 31:53 Commoning as a practice
05/04/2018 36' 38''

This podcast is part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Nina Power is a philosopher, teacher, writer, and activist. Her critical thought spreads through a porous web of practices and experiences linked to philosophy, feminism, art, politics, film, new technologies and labour relations.

In her 2009 essay "One-Dimensional Woman" she drew attention to the perverse way in which capitalism manipulates feminism, co-opting its demands and returning them to us in the form of sugar-coated reactionary slogans. Against this, Power proposes collectively rethinking feminism in alliance with Marxism, and organising new social, labour, sexual, and emotional networks.

For Nina Power, writing is a form of activism, and her manifestos, newspaper articles, and essays are pockets of resistance to the hegemonic narratives of consumer societies.

In this podcast, Nina Power shares her thoughts on the ideological power of language, on systems of state violence, surveillance and control, and on the need to reverse the savage logic of neoliberalism through strategies such as commoning and her own notion of “decapitalism”.

Sound production commissioned to Jaume Ferrete. Editing by Loli Acebal
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