• 03:16 Choreography
  • 12:25 An anthology of performance
  • 27:11 Bridging sculpture and choreography
  • 43:58 Walking in an exaggerated manner
  • 53:47 Performance and object-oriented ontology
  • 66:19 A vindication of pessimism
  • 72:06 Selfies and choreopolicing
  • 86:56 Coimagination
  • 97:15 Body and language
  • 112:05 A room full of clichés
14/11/2017 142' 26''

Exclusive music by Morten J. Olsen

André Lepecki works and researches at the intersection of critical dance studies, curatorial practice and performance theory. As Full Professor and Chair of Performance Studies at New York University, Lepecki addresses the waycontemporary dance production and visual arts performance engage with the fundamental issues of neocapitalism.

As well as curator, dramaturg, author and editor, Lepecki is one of the leading theoreticians of the subversive political potential of performance. Exploring the works of practitiouners such as Vera Mantero, Metter Edvardsen, Jérôme Bel, Tino Sehgal, Xavier le Roy, he argues that the political ontology of choreography resists commodification, by making its disappearance the promise of a future return - without profit.

In this context, conditions such as choreographic thought and persistence become essential alternatives to power politics. Lepecki’s concept of ‘singularity’ makes it possible to enhance the function of dance and performance in political and artistic debate.

SON[I]A talks to André Lepecki about the chronopolitics of disappearance, dance, Louis XIV, the acquisition of choreography, testimonial power, object-oriented ontologies, choreopolicing, the writing of movement, and selfies.

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