20/07/2006 9' 7''
son[i]a 24

"Events" is the first retrospective to encompass George Brecht's long artistic career, from the late 1950s to the present day. His art is a project of investigation in which he explores the nature and essence of experience. More than a creator of objects, Brecht is a producer of entities, materialisations of events which employ chance, space and time. The inclusion of collaborative work in his practice highlights the profoundly expansive dimension of Brecht's focus, one of opening barriers and "authorship" that initially defined the "event score", which he would go on to expand almost indefinitely.

This SON[I]A focuses on the figure of George Brecht and includes fragments of his sound work that form part of Guy Schraenen's collection and were exhibited in the context of the "Vinyl: Discs and Covers by Artists" exhibition.

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