05/04/2017 41' 8''

Zach Blas draws on a series of sculptural, performative, audiovisual, and essay strategies and multiplies the subjects of his research in the form of teaching and writing, in an artistic practice in which contemporary security technologies collide with minority political demands. His long-term projects respond to facial recognition biometrics, explore queer technological prototypes to dismantle age-old patriarchal and militarised narratives, and dispute the meteoric rise of the internet, understanding it as a surface on which the new capture strategies used by governments and corporations are, by definition, usually resolved. His work stakes out a prolific confluence zone between sci-fi speculation and urgent struggles, between denunciation and imagination.

SON[I]A talks to Zach Blas about utopian plagiarism, life patterns, and unthinkable moments; about identity, opacity, and paranodes; about speculation understood in terms of usefulness, and about how we can go about conceiving sensual alternatives to the internet’s total mono-narrative today.

01:37 Utopian plagiarism
04:22 Unthinkable moments
05:20 Contra-Internet: dildo-tectonics and paranodes
11:30 Disappearing into the world itself?
16:11 Opacity and identity
18:57 How to circulate the work: queer technologies
22:53 The prison house: capture and grammars of action
31:52 Pattern of life

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