• 01:15 Meaning
  • 03:10 The art world is not the world of art
  • 05:51 Deskilling
  • 08:38 Information as space
  • 11:15 Collection diary
  • 13:45 Blacknuss
  • 19:55 Make it up as you go along
16/11/2016 23' 56''

Having lived in New York for over thirty years, Bob Nickas has had an insider’s view of vibrant cultural movements such as Punk and No Wave. His curated shows and critical texts cover a broad range of interests based on an approach in which proximity to the artists prevails over institutional demands. His fascination with the world of art and dislike of the way the art world is organised can end up becoming the engine for all kinds of projects. As such, Nickas explores attitudes associated with the romantic figure of the outsider, resulting in a kind of resistance practice that brings together fun, attraction, poetry, boredom and complaint.

SON[I]A talks to Bob Nickas about means and ends, about information as space, about reading history through record covers and about the need to make up the meaning of everything around us as we go along.

Music selected by Bob Nickas
Son[i]aBob Nickas