• 01:20 Museums in times of neoliberalism. The American model versus the European model
  • 06:15 The subfields of art
  • 09:41 Artists in the art market
  • 12:32 Political art, cultural activism and social practice. Challenges and contradictions
  • 18:57 Encounters, discourses and radical gestures
  • 22:10 "Untitled" (2003). Beyond the scandal
  • 25:40 The psychological in the framework of the social
  • 29:54 Towards an Institutional analysis
28/07/2016 32' 29''

Through her performances, Andrea Fraser (Billings, Montana, 1965) examines the social, economic, and emotional structures of the art world. She turns her critical, self-reflexive, and somewhat ironic gaze on different agents in the art field and analyses their roles, motivations, and contradictions.

Fraser’s career has been linked to institutional critique from the outset, and her influences include psychoanalysis, feminism, and the theories of Pierre Bourdieu. Appropriation, site specific pieces, performance and body work are some of the strategies Fraser uses to expose the incongruities of the art world while also harnessing its full critical and political potential.

SON[I]A talks to Andrea Fraser about the challenges and limitations of cultural activism, about the sub-fields of art, the relationship between artists and the market, and the museum in the neoliberal era.

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