12/04/2016 41' 14''

Understanding stories as component parts that can be shaped, accumulated, and reused in different situations, Lúa Coderch (b. Iquitos, 1982) explores the physical surfaces of the things around her.

Trained as a visual artist, Lúa navigates through multiple disciplines and develops a type of narrative that lies somewhere between the essay form, an infinite collection of stories, and autobiographical confession. From there, her projects speculatively examine feelings such as suspicion, sincerity, disappointment and hope, presenting them as ideological material that can be put together by means of certain technical procedures.

SON[I]A talks to Lúa Coderch about photographs of journeys into space, the imitation of the sounds of the landscape, the hidden work in her images, and about improvising shelters as a way of connecting to others.

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