• 01:18 The crisis of agency
  • 02:37 The best proxy for the common good
  • 04:27 The Environmental Health Clinic
  • 09:56 Doctors Without Disciplinary Borders
  • 12:42 Redesigning our relationship to natural systems
  • 16:15 Health and technology as opportunities
  • 19:04 Tree Cloud Data
  • 24:39 Leaf area index
  • 27:25 Golden spike of the anthropocene
  • 29:04 Mutualistic system design
30/03/2016 34' 44''

Natalie Jeremijenko (Australia, 1966) is an artist and engineer. She is Associate Professor in the Visual Arts Department at New York University and director of the Environmental Health Clinic, a para-institutional project geared towards improving human and environmental health and quality of life.

Her expertise in a wide range of fields, from biochemistry to technology and visual arts, allows her to probe infrastructures that tangibly improve air pollution, soil biodiversity and promote public space innovation.

Jeremijenko has shaped an understanding of the planet as a profuse web of cooperative links. Her projects question assumptions such as the logic of responsible consumption, in which minimising environmental impact comes second to boosting mutual benefits.

SON[I]A talks to Natalie Jeremijenko about learning by living together, about the vitality and shortcomings of the environmental struggles of the past, and about how to imagine our relationships with natural systems from this point on.

Son[i]aNatalie Jeremijenko