• 01:30 One reality, many realities
  • 11:05 On veils, guardians, and layers of depth
  • 16:17 Al-Khidr, the legend of The Verdant One
  • 22:46 The world of dreams
  • 25:36 Journeys towards the unknown
  • 30:24 From the Bronx to Morocco, a personal journey
  • 37:02 Objectual reality, a mental illness
03/03/2016 42' 26''

The artist, filmmaker, Toni Serra, Abu Ali, co-director of the OVNI festival, perfectly remembers how his anarchist-leaning foundations were undermined when he discovered certain forms of organising life that had to do with the sacred and with religious practices. Although this clash and his subsequent exploration of certain eminently oriental ancestral traditions actually has more to do with a long career closely linked to the exploration of knowledge.

Introspective knowledge of the self, and also knowledge of everything surrounding it. An interest in understanding what happens precisely when you stop understanding: an epistemological path that requires not-knowing and what the Western medical establishment has called “altered” states. Trance, change, flow, and all that inhabits and happens on the planes of the unquantifiable.

SON[I]A talks to Toni Serra about trance, light, shadows, transitions, conditions of life and possibility, about seeing and concealing, about dreaming and unlearning. And about plants, of course.

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