20/01/2016 37' 10''

Enric Farrés, artist, publisher and cultural agitator, started his degree in philosophy because the faculty was on his way to the Massana art school where he was a student. Despite the seeming randomness of his decision, his working methods seem to be influenced by academia. He researches, compiles references and becomes obsessed with a subject until he can squeeze some meaning out of it and generate contents. With all this information his projects materialise in very diverse, autonomous but complementary ways, ranging from publications to visits or presentations.

His work reflects a profound interest in literature, libraries, archives and collections. He goes on researching until he can understand how different contexts function and demonstrate the workings of their mechanisms. He considers mediation and reception as a fundamental part of his projects, channelled through presentations and performative visits.

SON[I]A talks with Enric about his latest projects, collecting obsessively, the value of the ephemeral, the use of lies as a creative strategy and the complicit relationship with those around him, as well as other aspects of his work.

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