• 01:25 The structure of the neoliberal project
  • 06:33 The semantics of neoliberalism
  • 11:26 The economization of social life
  • 20:38 Cultural institutions and the promise of profitability
  • 26:31 Social networks and credit-based individuals
  • 29:26 What “public” means Information and normalization
  • 37:02 The Neoliberal condition and its challenges
15/10/2015 40' 0''

Featuring commissioned music by NMO

Michel Feher is a philosopher and cultural theorist, founder of Zone Books in New York and president of Cette France-là in Paris. He is the author of 'Powerless by Design: The Age of the International Community' and co-edited 'Nongovernmental Politics' in 2007 with Gaëlle Krikorian and Yates McKee.

Based on his analysis and critique of dominant neoliberalism, in his lectures Michel Feher suggests a radical strategy for activists: to counteract the hegemony of investors by embracing the tactics of the financial market. In other words, to use speculation against the values of the financial market on its own turf and with its own weapons, in what he calls 'investee activism'.

SON[I]A talks to Michel Feher about the neoliberal project and its repercussions on education and culture. Feher also explores the importance of language, both in its liberal roots and in the changes that it has undergone in recent years as a result of the economization of politics.

Lastly, he explains the role of new technologies in the social and political paradigm shift, and how they have reformulated our conception of the public sphere.


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