• 02:22 “Open a Permanent Hole”
  • 10:54 The relationship between space and politics
  • 19:01 The art of the void
  • 22:23 Strategies: right cubes and rehearsals/essays
  • 30:35 Word play
  • 33:37 “Go Back Home”
  • 42:29 “Get Lost on the Way”
  • 46:51 “Stop on the Rooftops”
  • 49:47 Aren’t you afraid?
  • 53:45 “Change the Water Level of a River”
  • 55:07 The norm and emancipation
02/10/2015 57' 51''

Luz Broto's work addresses issues related to sociology, architecture, choreography, and collective decision-making processes. With an academic background in fine art, many of her artistic interventions spring from minimalist, extremely precise and simple gestures which question conventions that we follow mechanically.

Her works have a strong political and poetic component, and take place both inside exhibition spaces and outside of them, requiring subtle processes of negotiation that reveal the hidden rules of public devices. Aside from drawing attention to the political dimension of the arrangement of space, Luz engages those who come in contact with her work and invites them to reflect on their role in pre-existing dynamics. As she herself says: 'The only possible emancipation is to become responsible for each of our actions.'

To coincide with her participation in the exhibition 'Species of Spaces', SON[I]A talks to Luz Broto about invisible forces, the space of art, negotiation, the visualization of processes, the poetics of politics, the art of the void, and her exquisite capacity to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong.

Audio: "Go through that Forest Tonight", 2012


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