• 00:10 Introduction
  • 01:05 From A Thousand Plateaus to airport life: corridors
  • 05:28 Collecting film corridors
  • 09:11 The journey to otherness
  • 14:32 Maze Walkthrough. Exploring the labyrinth
  • 17:49 Suspension of disbelief
  • 20:23 Tools and formats
03/08/2015 22' 27''

Some years ago, Serafín Álvarez decided to focus his attention on corridors as more than just an architectural and structural element. As he sees it, through the prism of science fiction, corridors function as a metaphor of the in-between, of connection, of travel, of a portal between different spaces or dimensions, of a journey between mental and physical states. A corridor is a transit zone but it also conditions a part of a journey that often goes unnoticed, precisely because it is merely connecting.

In conjunction with his participation in the exhibition Species of Spaces, SON[I]A talks to Serafín Álvarez about video games, the origins of his fixation on corridors as a fetish, and the use of digital media in contemporary art.


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