• 01:30 Data shadow: archives and information
  • 03:25 Data shadow and discrimination
  • 05:48 The political background of digitalisation
  • 08:24 The transatlantic rivalry in the digital sphere
  • 10:07 Digital archive: ordering the world
  • 12:17 The relationship between humans and algorithms
  • 23:00 Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence
  • 25:17 Addiction and new technologies archives
14/07/2015 34' 15''

Nanna Thylstrup works on the politics of mass digitisation, with a special focus on cultural memory, territorialisations and infrastructures as well as human rights perspectives on information assemblages. In 2014 she obtained her PhD with the thesis Politics of Mass Digitalisation, in which she explores the digitalisation of cultural-heritage archives from Google Books to Europeana.

She is now part of the interdisciplinary project 'Uncertain Archives', which investigates notions of uncertainty and risk in big data environments, paying special attention to the themes of power, subjectivity and knowledge.

Nanna Thylstrup talks to SON[I]A about the digitalisation of the archive and its implications. She deeply analyses two consequences that both emerge in individual and collective spheres: first, the data shadow that big data contexts generates to each user; second, the politics behind the processes of mass digitalisation. With her analysis, she reflects on digital archives as a specific and non-neutral way of ordering the world.


Music commissioned to TCF
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