15/06/2015 41' 38''

Megan Prelinger is a cultural historian and an outsider librarian. In 2004 she co-founded the Prelinger Library in San Francisco with her partner Rick Prelinger. A community workshop, this independent, experimental research library is primarily a collection of 19th and 20th century historical ephemera, periodicals, maps and books. Inspired by the physical process of exploring landscapes, the library has its own geospatial classification system and is arranged in a way that fosters browsing-based discoveries and serendipity. Prelinger also conducts research on technology and graphic design and is the author of the books “Another Science Fiction” and “Inside the machine”.

SON[I]A talks with Megan Prelinger about ephemeral literature, the inner workings of the Prelinger Library and the possibility of looking at the world through the lens of everyday evidence.

04:11 The Prelinger Library, or research as a creative exercise
11:30 Experimental research libraries, an informal community
13:28 History through the lens of ephemeral evidence
18:13 Triangulation: evidence exhibits and punk rock hangouts
20:47 Graphic artists as explainers in ephemeral literature
26:34 Art and electronics: the planetary model of the electron
32:00 Radio technology and the public understanding of electronics
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