• 00:13 Introducción
  • 02:27 La conquista de una voz propia
  • 03:50 La conquista de la pérdida
  • 07:14 Diari de Conquestes
  • 08:19 Buscar referentes para una emoción
  • 11:20 Las conquistas individuales respecto de la memoria institucional en el espacio público. Una reapropiación
  • 14:21 La conquista de una casa propia
  • 16:31 Una metáfora a partir de la cual trabajar
  • 20:10 Pasar a través de la precariedad
  • 22:40 Una interrupción en el proceso de escritura
  • 24:36 La conquista de la honestidad
02/12/2014 28' 33''

Alicia Kopf is an illustrator who writes and a writer who draws. Like a break in the process of writing a book, Alicia Kopf sees her exhibitions as an adventurous and enriching part of the work, a process in which what may have been just a soliloquy becomes a conversation.

The fact that she didn't have a studio and the difficulties she faced finding a job and a place to live led Kopf to turn to low-cost production – virtually notes on the margins of books. This approach gradually became a form of reflection through aphorisms and simple, straightforward drawings. Her illustrations and her images and texts are emblems of experiences that can easily be shared and reproduced.

SON[I]A talks to Alicia Kopf about her research processes, her latest projects and her use of metaphors such as the inability to enter her house, conquering a summit, and the exploration of polar regions.

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