23/09/2014 25' 30''

One of the key tasks of the Museum is to preserve artistic and documentary heritage for future generations. But at the same time, this heritage should be disseminated, shared and discussed with today's audiences. In this dual mission with often conflicting interests, the work of the conservator-restorer takes centre stage.

To complicate matters further, the physical, conceptual, and processual particularities of contemporary art require very specific conservation strategies. How is conceptual art conserved? How do restorers deal with ephemeral materials? Is it possible to delay or hold off a process of deterioration if an artist does not want anybody to intervene in his or her work?

SON[I]A talks to Xavier Rossell, conservator-restorer at MACBA, to try and answer these and many other questions through a behind-the-scenes look at contemporary art conservation.

Son[i]aXavier Rossell