09/09/2014 33' 10''

Marek Tuszynski is the director of programmes and technology for the Tactical Technology Collective, an international NGO founded in 2003 that helps rights advocates use digital resources safely and effectively through a wide range of on and off-line tools such as films, toolkits, guides, events and workshops. He recently produced and directed a series of documentary films for Tactical Tech called 'Exposing the Invisible', which were screened during the 2014 Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival.

SON[I]A talks to Marek Tuszynski about the main motivations and strategies behind Tactical Tech, focusing on how the power of information can help marginalised social actors to expose and possibly counter dominant narratives. Our presence on the networks often leaves permanent traces in an environment ruled by a powerful few, but the awareness of our 'digital shadow', together with cooperation among people with different backgrounds, can make a real difference.

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