23/05/2013 25' 37''

Iman Issa was born in Cairo. When she moved to New York, where she now lives and works, Iman started to reflect on her relationship to familiar figures, events and places.

She wondered how an artist can represent a specific city from a collection of images of everyday places. This idea came from her early pieces, which were based on personal memory and how it relates to urban and political representations, such as memorials.

In 2012 Iman won the first Han Nefkens-MACBA Contemporary Art Award. Her work has also been shown in the New Museum in New York, the KW in Berlin, the Contemporary Image Collective in Cairo and the Tate Modern in London.

SON[I]A talks to Iman Issa about memory and language through her artistic objects. But also through the path she has followed from her earlier works to her present reflections, from Cairo to New York.

Son[i]aIman IssaHan Nefkens-MACBAphotographyDesires and necessities. MACBA Collection