02/05/2013 23' 45''

In 1968, Lawrence Weiner released the following declaration of intent: 'The artist may construct the piece. The piece may be fabricated. The piece need not be built.' Three emphatic aphorisms with which he announced that art does not need a physical medium - it is enough for it to transmit an idea.

Since then, language has become an essential raw material in his artistic work, and has shaped a body of work that includes sculptures made out of words, sound works, postcards, books, posters and films. In parallel to all of this, the artist has been
drawing intensively since the sixties.

The exhibition 'Written on the Wind' presents the first exhaustive overview of Lawrence Weiner?s works on paper, with over 300 drawings that illustrate many of his obsessions, working methods, interests and
personal concerns.

SON[I]A talks to Soledad Gutiérrez, co-curator of the project, about the process of setting up the exhibition and about the Lawrence Weiner's relationship to drawing, language, artistic reception and political commitment.

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