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Jorge Luis Marzo is an art historian, curator, writer and teacher. Much of his work has been dedicated to studying how political powers have exerted control over culture throughout history. His analysis charts a path from the baroque to Franco's regime and from the Spanish Transition to the current crisis, highlighting the constant instrumentalisation of cultural policies designed to create hegemonic, consensual discourses that can act as a smokescreen for the profound contradictions inherent in our society.

Marzo refers to himself as a private investigator – an ironic nod that expresses a need to exercise his profession outside of institutionalised discourses. He has written several books and essays, including the article 'L'era de la degradació de l'art i de la política cultural a Catalunya' (The Age of the Degradation of Art and of Cultural Politics in Catalonia), which he wrote after participating in the Culture Committee at the 15M Movement's AcambadaBCN and which stirred up controversy in the Catalan art scene. It is due to by published by El Tangram in early 2013.

SON[I]A talks to Jorge Luis Marzo about the relationships between art, culture and power, and about the different forms that these have in Spain and in Catalonia over the years.

Son[i]aJorge Luís Marzo